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I understand. Planning appropriate business strategy is not easy. Your business has its own complex challenges that make it hard to fit into a one­-size­-fits­-all process. You need something unique, created just for you.

If you are serious about achieving clarity on the things that matter most, you need a customized approach.

Susan Washington has collaborated with hundreds of business owners and executives to find the perfect methodology to get clear, keep motivated and implement incremental shifts that lead to lasting change.

About Susan

With over 25 years in education, leadership mentoring, business development and strategy, Susan Washington is a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, businesses owners and organizational leaders.

Susan’s multidisciplinary approach draws on a range of methods, and her strategy is grounded in sound practices stemming from evidence-based research. Her research interests include social entrepreneurship, participatory practice, collaborative learning, open dialogue and optimal learning. Her focus is delivering a client-centric methodology.

Susan lives with her family in Vancouver where her curiosity and love of learning, community and fitness help keep her alive and well.

Susan has a Master in Education and four years of doctoral work at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.


Clarity & Strategy Session

Meet virtually for 90 minutes to get clear on your goals, where you are currently, and how you need to proceed.

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One-on-One Custom Strategy, Implementation and Accountability Package

Meet virtually two to three times a month for a duration of six months. Create a blueprint for success and work through the steps to ensure success.

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Theory and Practice of Business Management for Entrepreneurs, Managers and CEOs

Meet virtually as a group for 12 weeks. Keep up-to-date with business systems, techniques and skills to to improve and strategically grow your business.

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Mastermind Group Sessions

Participate in a group of peers to brainstorm solutions and keep accountable.

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I readily refer Susan at the drop of her name and have had others come back to me with glowing reviews of her work. Susan shines at what she does!

Cadi Jordan

I hired Susan at the most perfect time. I had just left a long and lucrative career in sales and found myself in a harder than expected transition period. She provided the direction, guidance and encouragement that I was looking for to get me clear on my path. Susan helped me lay a solid framework for my new business so that I could prioritize, plan and get into action. She has helped me tremendously, not only with my career path, but also with personal issues and relationships and I feel very fortunate to have her on my side.

Alison Walker Alison Walker

Meeting Susan has been life changing. She is not only a knowledgeable and amazing mentor and coach, she is also an incredible human being. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for the work we do together. What I have learned from my sessions with Susan has given me -among many things- the clarity and confidence to start a successful business, in a field that I love and that completely aligns with my values. That’s something I know for a fact I could have never gotten in a classroom. If you are seeking to make meaningful changes in your life, and are willing to do the footwork, I cannot recommend enough you invest in Susan’s programs.  I warn you, though, to prepare yourself to become successful at what you set your heart to do!

Angie Coates Angie Coates

Susan is a brilliant coach who keeps me motivated and accountable to this exciting journey. Her unique style keeps me true to my development decisions and I have throughly enjoyed each session. I’m always left feeling like anything is possible. October 17, 2011

Rebecca Agent Rebecca Agent, New Zealand

Each coaching session with Susan is filled with meaning, insight, and action-oriented steps that move me forward.  Investing in my personal evolution with Susan has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.

Chloe Luce YYoga Chloe Luce

I’ve worked with Susan as a Professional Coach in the past on a regular basis and she had such amazing insight and skills that today I use over and over again. She always thinks outside the box and helped me to see things I was doing that didn’t necessarily serve me well and try and shift them to a better place.

I would highly recommend Susan as a Life Coach to anyone and everyone as she has changed my life for the better and I would love to see that happen for other people as well.

Rhonda Scott Rhonda Scott

Susan’s been an amazing resource for me. She’s walked me through some massive transitions in my life over the last 5 years, both personally and professionally. She brings so much of herself to her job. It’s obvious she loves what she does, and lives the ideas and principles she passes on. That integrity has been really inspiring for me. I always tell people how I feel after I leave a session with her; I’ve walked into some sessions a complete mess. And I always walk out feeling stronger, more aware, and more in control of my life. I have recommended Susan to many friends over the years. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather ask for guidance when I’m feeling lost and wondering what the next steps should be, or if I’m looking to kick things up and take action to improve my life. Susan’s an awesome, energetic, positive person. She’s got a powerful gift for helping and guiding people, and I’m grateful she’s on my team.

Geoff Coates Geoff Coates

My business has taken a direction that I didn’t even consider when I first started working with Susan. In fact it did a complete 360. She saw something in me that I didn’t know was there!

She’s helped me bring clarity, focus, consistency and confidence into my life which translates over to my business. She’s an amazing resource for conscious entrepreneurs in this city and is dedicated to her clients.
She’s a rich source of insight, knowledge and wisdom.

I always look forward to my meetings with Susan. At the beginning of a strategy session, I’m not always clear on what I need support with. But it seems that within minutes she’s able to draw insight and focus out of me by asking the right questions and really listening. I leave every session with clarity, an attainable plan and a sense of excitement.

Since working with Susan I’ve implemented a few simple, effective and powerful tools that have improved the quality of my life and taken my business from an idea to something that I love doing and is improving the lives of others.

Yvette DuMouchel Yvette DuMouchel

Over the past five years Susan has coached me both  professionally and personally. She helped me organize myself when I landed in a new role with more responsibility, allowing me to achieve ease in the work flow and successful outcomes for the company. Later she guided me through the decision making process to come to a clear choice about leaving this role for an entrepreneurial opportunity and then supported me as required in my new situation. Her goal setting and accountability have resulted in my taking on new challenges professionally, physically and personally, with results that I never thought possible. During this time she has become a great friend as well!

Myrosha Daley

Susan is my secret weapon. She has been invaluable in helping me to gain clarity with my goals and set about achieving them.

I was looking for advice in improving my career growth when I initially engaged Susan’s help. I saw immediate positive results in my interactions that ranged from difficult conversations, relationship management to personal value.

Susan has also guided me in achieving life and relationship goals in a journey that has taken me from Vancouver to New York to London.

If you’re the type of person who is always looking to learn and grow, I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan’s services.

Tara Z Mustapha, UK Tara Z Mustapha, UK





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