Clarity Intensive – Live in Vancouver

Getting clear isn’t that complicated but most people haven’t made the time or the space to update their dreams and update their vision for life.

Clarity and good follow through start with a clarity process, and a vision, and good planning.

Experts say that “between 50% & 80% of our happiness is really under our control! Right now.” Let me remind you of how to experience that.

Change is easy when we follow some simple principles that help us feel good, stay positive and maintain focus.

Get that wrong and things just coast along. You may lose motivation, stall or just stop caring. No problem. Because on Sunday, March 10 you can increase your clarity & get more specific ideas of how to stay in an awesome state of mind. And get committed to a plan that works and is attainable for you. And “BluePrint it”.

When people do the things that I teach in a Clarity Program, they feel better, feel clearer, have less stress and have more motivation and skill to move forward easily.

The Intensive includes:

*Success Tips and Tools on how to be clear and move ahead with ease
*Laser Coaching on how to shift into the mindset necessary to create the changes you wish to make.
*Creating you plan of How and What you will do to structure your top changes and stay accountable
*And commit to FINALLY doing it once and for all because you deserve the experience of living your vision, having more ease and the thrill of success… and leveraging the wisdom in the group to do so.

I’ll also be giving you time to ask your questions as they relate to you and your life specifically. And we will combine group and personal coaching so everyone benefits.

And you’ll be working with some interesting people who share a desire to make the most of life.

Even when things are going well and we are relatively happy, there are typically challenges that we spend hours spinning our wheels trying to avoid, figure out, muscle through or trivialize.
Coaching and elevated awareness and reflection will begin to solve these.
You will set appropriate and attainable goals so you have no doubts about how to move forward and create what’s best for you.
Find easy ways to stay accountable so you can stick with it and get the results you want.
Keep your mind in a positive state by recognizing and then eliminating defeating beliefs and behaviours.
Engage in self-realization practices and reflections that will bring you up to date on who you are and how you want to experience life.
Generate more clarity by engaging with me and this small group of people in an atmosphere of feedback, connection and collective willingness to improve.