Success Story – Katherine Moore

Katherine Moore has been one of Canada’s top distance runners since 2004. She trains and teaches Yoga in Vancouver, B.C.; and races distances from 5K to the Marathon. “I love running and it’s my passion. And my love of yoga only adds to my strength, flexibility, focus and balance.”

Katherine stays committed and on top of her long term vision with Susan as her success coach, and three-time Olympian, Jon Brown of Victoria, as her running coach.

In 2008, Katherine became a Lululemon Ambassador. Her weekly Running into Yoga workshops educate runners about the great benefits of yoga. In November, 2009, Lululemon flew her to L.A. where Katherine was featured in the December, 2009 issue of Runner’s World; Lululemon’s first ever ad in the RW zine. Katherine’s new sponsor, Saucony, is behind her for upcoming racing season.

Curious about yoga and how it can prevent injuries and complement your other training; be it running, biking or skiing? Join Katherine’s Hot Yoga classes at YYoga Yaletown or Flow. Or, Hot and Power Flow at West Coast Hot Yoga. Katherine’s Running into Yoga Workshops begin at Flow YYoga in March. “Runners just think they are too “stiff” for Yoga” says Katherine, “but it helps them to understand that balance, flexibility and strength are key components to staying injury free. The breath and meditation that you practice in yoga will help calm the body and mind in tough training sessions.”

And the best thing about coaching with Susan? “She pushes me just a little beyond my comfort zone each session. But that’s what I want; to show up fully in all areas of my life.”

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