Success Story – Will Blunderfield

Singing from the Heart

Robson St. was stopped in its tracks in downtown Vancouver this past July, 2010, when Will Blunderfield opened his heart and his song with full star quality. Teaching yoga, writing music, singing and studying psychology made for a good life for this 25-year-old emerging star. But the next level was calling. He started coaching with Susan in 2009 with his dream of becoming a recording artist with a record deal. His dream became reality: Will hit the studio, and completed his CD “Hallelujah” before most people would have time to turn around. His CD is now on sale at Lululemon, Yogapod, and most Yyoga locations in Vancouver. Even more exciting is that Hallelujah will be available internationally through Nutone Nettwerk records later this fall!

So with check marks beside several of his goals, Will’s next steps include a Fall, 2010 tour. “I love performing and sharing my music.” If you’re local to Vancouver, experience Will’s music at Flow Wellness, this Saturday, August 14, 2010. 6 pm. Maui will be next on Will’s tour. September 4, 2010. And much more to come.

What does Will think of all this? “I am so grateful and love what I do. Just be yourself, stay positive and keep looking forward.” Messages of love and positivity saturate his music, leaving listeners feeling inspired and uplifted. Plus it’s great music and he’s got a powerful and compelling voice.

“Will you ever really know what can happen if you don’t put yourself out there?” Will asks. He recently won West End Idol, but has had his share of trial and error like the rest of us. His advice to young people is to keep showing up and doing your best. “And the world needs more people out there reaching for their best! It’s not about being perfect, it’s about loving yourself”.

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Q and A

Best Thing About Coaching with Susan:
Accountability, Positive Energy and Unconditional Love and Support! She believes in me no matter what. And that keeps me on track.
To help people feel more ALIVE!
I get excited about:
Touching and opening hearts. And empowering others on their path. Simply put…to spread the Love!
My favorite thing:
Singing and making music to share with people.
My least favorite thing:
I used to think it was negative people but negative people have turned out to be my biggest teachers. They point me to more kindness and love.
I’m Reading:
Pronoia is the Antidote to Paranoia
I’m Watching:
My thoughts and my feelings and I’m learning how to root myself in consciousness so I can live my life mission.
I’m listening to:
A lot of inspirational music with a high vibration. Both from western and eastern artists. Like Reema Datta, Wade Imre Morissette, and Aliqua
My next vacation will be:
A ‘working’ holiday in Maui. Date set for Sept. 4, 2010. Hawaii get ready for more love.