Clarity Intensive: Getting Clear and Making Better Decisions

Experts say that between 50% & 80% of our happiness is under our control. Getting clear isn’t that complicated, but most people don’t make the time or  space to update their dreams and vision for life let alone tackle the often character-building process of making good life decisions. My next Clarity Intensive is on January 25th where I address something  I’ve seen  frequently over the last 14 years: people are not clear on what they want and on what choices are optimal.

Focus and good follow through start with a  process built on a clear understanding of your values and vision. That, married with the necessity for good planning and a strategy, will ensure lasting change. Change is easy when we follow a few simple principles that help us progress optimally, stay positive and maintain focus. Get that wrong and things just coast along. You may lose motivation, stall or just stop caring.

My Clarity Intensive will teach you how to feel clearer, have less stress, and have more motivation and skill to move forward easily.

The Clarity Intensive is for you if you’re looking for:

  •  Success Tips and Tools on how to be clear and move ahead with ease
  • Laser Coaching on how to shift into the mindset necessary to create the changes you wish to make.
  • An accountability plan of How and What you will do to structure your top change(s) and stay on track.
  • Small group environment so you can have meaningful conversations and ask the specific questions that will ensure you are making attainable changes that will last.

One of my teachers writes that if you have more than three priorities, you have none. Having too many priorities is one of the most common obstacles to successful change. The right clarity process sets that straight.

Join me on Sunday, January 25th to increase your clarity and learn specific techniques of how to stay in an awesome state of mind. Get committed to a plan that works and is attainable for you. “BluePrint it.

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