Is There a Formula?

I tend to agree with the Positive Psychology people: pleasure + engagement + meaning = happiness.
We all know what brings us pleasure. Pleasure is different than fulfillment and inner peace. How does yoga and success coaching factor in? Yoga and meditation can wake you up to deeper truths. In a short time, you may stress less and accept more. Success coaching does the same. You will gain clarity, stop stalling, get more deliberate and develop more accountability via a real and achievable plan.
Why do most efforts to change, like New Year’s resolutions, fail? Studies have shown without follow up coaching and accountability, less than 5% of change efforts result in lasting change. Why? Growth and change can get uncomfortable. We have escape routes and back doors. If change were easy we would have all done it by now.
If your inner critic is ready to pounce by being right or staying stuck, a good coach will work with you to stay in possibility and move ahead without drama or excuses. A good coach holds you in awareness. We are all inherently wise and capable. You will begin to apply what you ‘know’ to your real life more.
Try a coaching tele-class and if you are into yoga or running like me, take what you get out of yoga or running and apply it to your life. Get your ‘life’ momentum going. You know what you care about. Now you can do something different. Build your own happiness formula, one step at a time.