Seven Powerful Questions to Sum up Your 2010:

There is only one rule in this survey. You can’t make yourself wrong.
Build awareness, grow and learn.

1) What were the high points of your 2010? Make a list. Research shows that revisiting ‘peak experiences’ cultivates optimism and enhances happiness!

2) What were your challenges or losses? Make a list, learn, and know that some grieving takes time. Otherwise, take steps to get what you need and move forward.

3) What did you do to plan for your financial future in 2010?

4) Out of ten how well did you take care of your health and wellness?

5) What people inspired you in 2010?

6) What dominated your attention in 2010?

7) What would you like to celebrate about 2010?

If you want to be further aligned with your dreams and values at this point next year, become clear on what you need to change and improve.

Use any perceived shortcomings to recalibrate, not criticize. We are here to do our best not to be ‘perfect’. Realize that you did the best you could for where you were at the time.   If you want a strong strategy for 2011 begin with a good set of intentions and to ensure you stay accountable, ask me how.