Six Inspiring Things about Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2020

Most people are more likely to read lists than articles. This list highlights the six most inspiring things about last week’s #WEcreateBC #WED2020

1. Despite barriers to starting, financing, and making it through such a trying year, many diverse entrepreneurs, including Indigenous, immigrant and racialized #WomenEntrepreneurs have made strides in their businesses this year.

2. Most of the local, women-led businesses recirculate their revenue back into the local economy, retaining more local jobs and creating self employment that often grows to the employment of others.

3. The creativity of these entrepreneurs is exceptional and impactful.

4. These businesses solve specific problems that grew out of the needs, gaps, frustrations and preferences of the local community. 

5. These stories might be the reminder you need to take the first step in your entrepreneurial journey! It’s never too late and by writing goals down right now you have a greater chance of follow-through.

6. Have a peek at the video and you’ll get my motivation for celebrating a decade of volunteering with the Women’s Enterprise Centre: the non-profit organization devoted to helping BC women start, lead and grow their own businesses.  Stick with it everyone, Susan.

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