Think Pink

Share your story, define your path! This year’s theme for the Beyond Pink Leadership Conference aims to inspire young professionals and students to reach for their dreams.

Susan Washington is pleased to be hosting a Clarity and Finding Your Authentic Leadership workshop. This participant-led workshop will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and relieved you are not alone.

Your take aways:

  • How to find clarity in certain areas of your professional and personal lives.
  • How to set appropriate and attainable goals based on your own preferences, values and talents.
  • How to focus on the wins in your life as well as identify areas in need of some improvement.
  • How to connect with yourself and others in a playful, but in-depth way that literally blows small talk out of the water.

Leadership is Susan’s main passion and this conference aligns with many of her values. She has been supporting the local movement for quite some time, and her work has also focused on delivering quality leadership programs to women.

Lasting change is attainable when we don’t rush or procrastinate. It’s what we do consistently that is more important than what we do once in awhile.

Current research indicates that change does not come from inspiration alone. Susan’s goal is to support people in ways that make for lasting change through clarity, strategy and accountability.

By getting clear, you will know your priorities, values and preferences, and have access to subtle insights that will create the shifts that translate into real personal growth.

What makes Susan unique in this endeavour is that she has a wide breadth of education and experience with different modalities, and can implement a variety of methods in a mix that is specifically suited for you!

Where: The Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel, Vancouver, BC
When: November 14-15, 2014
Who: Young Professionals and Students

For more information and to reserve your place, please click here.
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