What is a MasterMind?

According to Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich” (1937): ┬áPeople can attain any life goal over time with the benefit of a MasterMind: That is “two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony”.

I run my MasterMind groups with the basic philosophy that more can be accomplished in less time by working together. Due to the group nature, a small but meaningful commitment of time and energy is required. Group members should be motivated people who are willing to ask for as well as offer help and support. Leadership and success strategies will be provided, and you will set realistic goals and stick with it with the support of the group and your coach.

If you’d like to get clearer if a small group MasterMind, meeting twice monthly on Thursday or Friday mornings, is for you, feel free to fill in the MasterMind questionnaire.

Goals cannot fall through the cracks or get put off once you commit to the structure and accountability of this MasterMind format. We begin new “in person and hyper local” groups for one or two semesters. That is four or ten months beginning late September 2012.