Where is the Love?

What if this Valentine’s Day you could increase the amount of love in your life? You can’t control everything but here are four things you can do right now.

1. Set loving intentions.

Intentions don’t have to be momentous or bold to make a difference. Sometimes the most subtle changes are the biggest. Imagine if you were the most open, thoughtful and loving version of yourself.

You can get  a lot done at high speed if you really want to, but busy or not, the quality of your thinking is the biggest factor in your quality of life.

So set a simple intention like:

  • Today I will be patient.
  • Today I will be understanding.
  • Today I will be a good listener.
  • Today I will communicate clearly.

2. Drop stressful judgments and thoughts.

Being open and accepting takes less effort than being closed and judgmental. That doesn’t mean you drop all discernment and all hell breaks loose. It just means you feel less attached to the little things that might typically bother you. Fluctuations and imperfections don’t have to be a big deal if you bring some levity to ‘agitating’ situations. Circumstances are only irritating if you let them bother you. Find the humour. Let it go.

3. Make time for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m maxed out and haven’t had a moment to myself, I’m a little, shall we say, contracted.  Make even a few minutes, ideally more, to do something that restores and refreshes you today and everyday. If you don’t have a lot of time, simply infuse love into the ordinary things you do and drop the things that are energy-draining or not priorities.

4. Let everyone else off the hook.

I love when people do thoughtful things for me. But getting miserable when they don’t is optional. When you choose to be responsible for your own happiness, everyone else is off the hook. Without all the specific requirements of people , life is easier. And more love flows.

If you’re disgruntled deal with it consciously or look for your role in things.

Bottom line: Be loving and you will feel the love. See what’s good in every situation, in every person, in every word you speak. And maybe then it will be the best Valentine’s Day ever.


Image ©Ohmega1982/freedigitalphotos.net