17 Principles of Achievement

In 1928, Law of Success was published by Napoleon Hill, a book that has became a foundation of success and leadership development. The book was highly acclaimed even in his era, leading Hill to become one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s advisors. One of his key principles was that of the Master Mind.

The Master Mind was viewed as a sort of power source for Hill. The idea was that like minded individuals come together for a common purpose and the key is to remain positive. Negativity will lead to a breakdown of the group and the group will lose its power potential.

Napoleon Hill also developed 17 Principles of Achievement. These 17 principles help potential leaders reach success. Take a few minutes to read through Hill’s list of principles. Are there any on the list you have achieved? What are the ones you are still working on? Take a moment and write them down and check back every once in a while to see what progress you’ve made. However you define success, these principles will help you achieve it.

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