How to Plan your Ideal September

Time to update and structure the calendar for September.

How is your first week of September going? I’ve heard intense, overwhelming and stressful. Let’s fix that.

What are your priorities? Too many priorities in a finite amount of time leads to burnout and this week may have been a little much. So moving forward, how can you pre-think things, make the right decisions for your needs and have good boundaries? You are one person not seven. Be effective over momentous so your physical and mental health is optimal.

Here are eight of my pro tips:

1. Write down your top fall priorities.

2. Plan your days & weeks to move from enthusiasm over new things to an intelligent plan.

3. Block time for tasks that matter. Two times a week will last versus the New Year’s effect of ‘all in’ followed by nothing by February. Get an accountability buddy, track things or use a coach. 

4. Beware of The Planning Fallacy – the human tendency to underestimate task-completion times.

5. Increase effectiveness by establishing simple routines in the morning & evening. Be organized for your day starting the night before.

6. Read books. Set a goal of 1-4 books a month for your cognitive health. When I stop reading in the evening, I notice it, because it’s so easy to just scroll a device or passively consume media.

But even a few pages of a book at bedtime = a calmer, happier & more refreshed brain in the morning.

7. Meditate, get outside & exercise daily. Begin today.  

8. Don’t judge yourself when you’re not perfect. Press reset..

Get started today. Use that blank journal. Or that note pad or that app.

My next blog will cover incremental and lasting change versus rushing, stalling and stressing.

And remember: You’re not alone if you feel a little disoriented. Just pause, manage your mindset and do your best. Things have a way of working out when you update yourself. It’s September, 2018 and it’s quite likely that you’ve navigated harder things than this.


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    • susan on

      Glad it was motivating and thanks for your feedback, Jes. You’re such a positive person and it’s always a pleasure to see you at the studio (and out front with my dog!)


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